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How to Replace a Pool Light

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How to Replace a Pool Light

Not many folks like the idea of working with water and electricity at the same time. When that swimming pool light goes out, you may not have a choice. But it’s not as scary as you might think, take the necessary precautions and let there be light!

1.Gather a Phillips and flat head screwdriver.

2. Purchase the correct light bulb and replacement gasket for your fixture. Make sure that these items are adaptable to your existing fixture.

3. Locate your circuit breaker box and shut off all electricity to the pool area. Use a circuit tester if you’re not positive that all of the electricity is off.

4. Locate and remove the screw at the top of the light, this is usually the only screw on the lamp.

5. Pry the light fixture out of its casing. It should have enough wiring so that you can bring it up and lay it to the side of the pool. Note how the excess wiring is stored. Take the glass lens out of the fixture by removing the screws or clamps. Corrosion may have occurred so use care and the correct tools.

6. Unscrew the light bulb with a towel using great care. Remember that the light fixture has been down there a while!

7. Find a friend to watch the light while you briefly turn on the electricity. This is to see if the bulb actually works. These lights are not made to be turned on out of the water, so this has to be a quick check.

8. Screw the new bulb in securely and reassemble the lamp fixture. Check for leaks by placing it underwater. A few bubbles may float up, but water should not be coming from the sealed outer edges.

9. Restore the lamp unit and the excess wiring to their original positions. Make sure the screw holes line up correctly.

10. Turn your electricity back on and enjoy your nighttime swimming!

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