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Swimming Pool Pump and Foutain Pump, DC24V Pump, AC110-230V Pump, Swimming Pool Cover Pump.

Swimming Pool Cover Pump


1. Dry Burning protection

2. High Flow

3. Energy Saving

4. Electronic sensor

5. Pure Copper Motor

Pump starts to work automatically when water level is over 3 inches. when water drops below 1/2 inch, it stops running.

Model Voltage(V) Power Max Flow Max Haad(FEET/M) Size
GRPP1500 AC110V 225 2500 18 11*10.2
GRPP2500T AC110V 225 2500 18 16.1*10.2
GRPP2500 AC230V 220 9500 5.5 280*260
GRPP2500T AC230V 220 9500 5.5 410*260

Fountain Pump 110V-230V


1. Low Noise

2.High lift

3. Energy Saving

4. 5 position

5. Dry Burning protection

6. Pure Copper Motor

7.Hight output power

8.Waterproof: IP68

Fountain flow adjustable

Bypass for water cycling

Flow adjustable


Quarter cone / mushroom

Model Voltage(V) Power Max Flow Max Haad(FEET/M) Size
GRPS1700 AC110V/230V 100 1700 14 7.99*4.33*5.91
GRPS3200 AC110V/230V 175 3200 18 7.99*4.33*5.91
GRPS4000 AC110V/230V 250 15000 4.8 235*148*165
GRPS8600 AC230V 630 35000 8.2 280*160*198

DC Variable Frequency Pump Water Pump


1. Low Noise

2. Amphibious Design

3. Energy Saving

4. 20 Levels Adjustable

5. Sine Wave

6. Pure Copper Motor

Model Voltage(V) Power Max Flow Max Haad(FEET/M) Size
GR1500DC DC24V 12 370/1400 4.9/1.5 102*68*82
GR2500DC DC24V 25 660/2500 8.5/2.6 122*80*97
GR4000DC DC24V 40 1200/4600 14.8/4.5 150*96*112
GR10000DC DC36V 80 2700/10000 18.0/5.5 190*120*135

Diaphragm Pump / Planum Pump


1. Automatic Pause

2. Quick planum

3. Flexible

4. Overload protection

5. Vacuum imbibition

6. Pure Copper Motor


Used situation:

RV water supply
yacht supercharger
agricultural irrigation
Equipment water circulation cooling
Liquid filling
shower booster

Model Voltage(V) Max Amps(A) Max Flow Max Haad(FEET/M) Size
GRT42-10-35/2V DC12V 5 2.0 9.8 246*135*120
GRT42-30-55/12V DC12V 13 5 9.8 246*135*120
GRT42-30-55/24V DC24V 6.5 5 9.8 246*135*120
GRT42-20-55/115V AC115V 1.1 3 9.8 246*135*120

The Advantages we Provide for you

Advantages of our lamps to other suppliers’.

1. Our multicolor lamp has memory and switch off/on functions.

Memory means it can remenber its last color and start from the same when it is on next time.

Switch off/on means customers can change lamp’s color and mode by switching power off and on instead of remote.

2. 2 Years warranty and better waterproof grade.

3. Much more bright in the same watt.

4. The remote for multicolor lamp is RF version instead of IR, which can control much more far, and easier to operate.

100% Genuine

Green Element has a strong Research &Development and technical service team which focus on innovation and make us be the leader of lastest technology.

Best Quality

Green Element is a professional manufacture of led pool lights/controllers and certified to the ISO9001 quality management system.


Green Element customize every clients’ system as their request, and our clients’ sysytem will be assembled by agents.


Our support include : Local training; Local technical Supporting for Installation & after sale service and Maximum 2 years warranty.

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