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Product Advantage

Latest MPPT technology

MPPT Function maximum solar arrays'output all the time. Without MPPT function, the power of solarpanels will be not using 100%.

Full automatic design

30% more water output with advanced inverter control algorithm Maximum PowerPoint tracking efficiency reach 99% with advanced MPPT algorithm

No need programming

Green Element Solar pump inverter is efficient which get 5%-10% higher than orther inverter which need programming.

Easy installation & Operations

Operate & maintain GPRS or SPMCS remote control via mobile or computer. It's User-friendly to one key startup and stop.

Revolutionary Products

The genuine products all produced with dedication and innovation in our own factory.

Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter is a device that converts the direct current (DC) output from solar panels into alternating current (AC) to drive water pumps, typically for irrigation or to supply potable water. Unlike conventional inverters used for homes or businesses, solar pump inverters are specifically designed to run pumps and often include maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to optimize the performance of the solar panels.

The Pinnacle of Quality, Efficiency, and Reliability

Design Quality

The design of Green Element Solar Pump Inverters is meticulously planned to meet the highest industry standards. Our engineering team employs cutting-edge technology and software to ensure that each inverter is optimized for performance, durability, and efficiency. Additional features include:

Famous Brands Key Components: Components are sourced from globally renowned brands to ensure reliability and performance.

Triple-Channel Cooling System: A unique cooling system that includes heat sinks, an aluminum casing, and a fan ensures optimal operating temperatures.

Extended Lifespan: The robust design and quality components contribute to an operational lifespan that is twice as long as other inverters in the market.

Manufacturing Quality

Our factory boasts five production lines, each equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and overseen by highly skilled technicians. The manufacturing process adheres to stringent quality control measures. Additional measures include:

Three-Tiered Quality Inspection and Testing: Three rounds of 100% quality inspection and testing are conducted, including checks on semi-finished products, full-load testing on completed products, and aging tests on finished products before packing.

Premium-Grade Materials: The use of premium-grade materials in the manufacturing process further enhances the product’s longevity and reliability.

Robust Packaging: Our packaging materials are designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that the product reaches you in perfect condition.

Operational Quality

Green Element Solar Pump Inverters are built to perform consistently and reliably under various environmental conditions. Our inverters undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the challenges posed by fluctuating voltage, extreme temperatures, and other operational stressors. Additional features include:

Comprehensive Protection: Our inverters come with a suite of protective features that safeguard against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and other potential risks.

Fast Installation and Plug-and-Play: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation.

Automatic Operation: Engineered for automatic operation, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for straightforward upkeep, saving on maintenance costs.

No Training Required for Technicians: The user-friendly design and interface mean that technicians can easily operate and maintain the system without the need for specialized training.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Achieved through fast installation, automatic operation, and easy maintenance.

Smart Advanced Program: User-friendly and optimized for peak performance.

Solar Water Pump

What Are Solar Water Pump System Used For?

Pumping water for agriculture irrigation 

Supply water for livestock 

Water Supply for home use and communities 

Remote area Water Pumping 

Water treatment and related projects.

Pond Management

Solar Booster Pump
12V Solar Pump
Solar Sump Pump
Solar AC Pump
Solar Surface Pump
Solar DC Pump
Solar Panel
Solar Cominber box Solution
Electricity Reactor
Cominber box connection

Solar Pumping Accessories

  1. Circuit Breaker: Disconnects circuits during surges or shorts.

  2. Fuse: Isolates problematic circuits when overloaded.

  3. Busbar: Connects multiple wires, especially from solar panels.

  4. Bridge Bar: Links the circuit breaker and fuse terminals.

  5. Enclosure: Physical box housing all components.

  6. Rapid Shutdown Device: Safety mechanism to quickly turn off rooftop panels.

  7. DC Disconnect: Switch to interrupt the direct current flow.

  8. DC Surge Protective Device: Guards against electrical surges.

  9. DC Fuse Holder: Protective housing for fuses.

Solar Water Pump Solution

Solar pumping system offer smarter and viable ways to deliver reliable water supply for farm, households, Schools and Communities. In addition to reducing energy costs to zero, operating costs are also extremely low.

Solar Powered AC Pump

Hybrid power input, wide power range, good qanlity materials, quick installation, wide range of input voltage, easy operations,the best protection

Solar Pump(BLDC)

Low investment, easy operation, Intelligent controller, brushless & sensorless dc pump , high efficiency , easy installation & operation…


Green Element has a strong Research &Development and technical service team which focus on innovation and make us be the leader of lastest technology.

Best Quality

Green Element is a professional manufacture of solar pump inverters/controllers and certified to the ISO9001 quality management system.


Green Element customize every clients’ system as their request, and our clients’ sysytem will be assembled by agents.


Our support include : Local training; Local technical Supporting for Installation & after sale service and Maximum 25 years warranty.

Agricultural Solar Irrigation System

Today’s Agricultural Irrigation Challenges
Aerial view of bright green agricultural farm field with growing rapeseed plants at sunset

Aging Infrastructure

  • Detail: Many existing irrigation systems are based on outdated technologies, leading to inefficiencies in both water and energy use.
  • Implication for Business: There is a ripe market for retrofitting existing systems with more modern, efficient technologies like solar water pump inverters. This not only provides a business opportunity but also helps clients meet regulatory demands for efficiency.

Regulatory Pressures

  • Detail: Governments and organizations are imposing stricter regulations on water usage and energy efficiency to combat environmental degradation.
  • Implication for Business: Compliance with these regulations is no longer optional but a necessity. Businesses that offer compliant, sustainable solutions have a competitive edge in the market.

Water Scarcity

  • Detail: Water scarcity is a growing concern as both population and industrial demands for water increase. Climate change further exacerbates the issue by causing erratic weather patterns, including prolonged droughts.
  • Implication for Business: The urgent need for water-efficient solutions, such as solar water pump inverters, offers a lucrative market opportunity. These technologies can significantly reduce water wastage, making them attractive to environmentally-conscious customers and those in areas with water shortages.

High Energy Costs

  • Detail: Traditional irrigation systems often rely on fossil fuel-based energy sources like diesel generators, or are connected to the grid, both of which can be expensive to operate.
  • Implication for Business: The high cost of energy makes solar-powered solutions more attractive as they can significantly lower operating expenses over time. This is a strong selling point for potential clients seeking to manage operational costs.

Labor Costs

  • Detail: Manual and semi-automated irrigation systems require constant monitoring and labor for operation, thereby increasing the overall cost of irrigation.
  • Implication for Business: Introducing automation features in irrigation systems can help cut labor costs, which is an appealing feature for potential B2B clients looking to optimize their operations.

In summary, these challenges not only define the landscape but also inform the strategic decisions for businesses like solar water pump retailers and installers. By addressing these challenges with efficient and sustainable solutions, businesses can differentiate themselves in a competitive market and align with the increasing demands for responsible resource management.

Solar Water Pump--Economical and Save Energy Solution

Economic Benefits

  • Lower Operating Costs: Unlike traditional diesel generators or grid-connected pumps, solar water pumps have minimal operational expenses. Once installed, they operate on freely available solar energy.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Solar water pump systems generally require less maintenance compared to conventional pumps, leading to additional cost savings over time.
  • Scalability: As agricultural needs grow, additional solar panels can be easily incorporated to meet increased water demands, making it a scalable solution.
  • Long-Term ROI: Though the initial investment can be higher, the long-term return on investment (ROI) is considerably favorable due to low operational and maintenance costs.

Energy-Saving and Sustainability

  • Renewable Energy Source: Solar energy is renewable and abundant. Utilizing solar power reduces dependency on fossil fuels, thereby contributing to sustainability.
  • Energy Efficiency: Advanced solar water pump inverters ensure optimal performance, allowing the system to operate at maximum efficiency, thereby conserving energy.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: By eliminating the need for fossil fuels, solar water pumps contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Green Element Solar powered Irrigation Soltuions

  1. Advanced Technology: Hober’s solar water pump inverters utilize state-of-the-art technology for optimal efficiency, ensuring maximum water output with minimal energy use.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By harnessing solar energy, our products significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs, offering long-term ROI for businesses in the agricultural sector.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Hober’s solar-powered solutions meet global standards for energy efficiency and sustainability, aiding businesses in adhering to stringent regulatory requirements.

  4. Market Focus: With a primary export presence in Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia, Hober is strategically positioned to serve regions most affected by water scarcity and high energy costs.

  5. Business Model: Operating on a B2B, wholesale-only model, Hober caters specifically to the needs of solar pump retailers and installers, offering both customization options and ongoing technical support.

Drink Water Supply

Real-world Impact

Public Health: Inconsistent water supply can lead to the use of unsafe water sources, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.

Social Disruption: A lack of reliable water supply can lead to social unrest and increased domestic burdens, often affecting women and children who are typically responsible for fetching water.

Economic Setback: Businesses that rely on a consistent water supply can experience operational disruptions, leading to economic losses.

How Solar Power Can Address the Problem

Independence from Grid: Solar-powered water systems can operate independently of the electrical grid, making them ideal for rural and remote areas.

Consistency: Solar systems provide a more consistent power source, ensuring that water treatment plants and pumping stations can operate without interruption.

Scalability: Solar power systems can be easily scaled to meet the needs of a growing community.

Reduced Operational Costs: After the initial setup, solar systems have low operational costs, making them economically viable in the long run.

Today’s Drink Water Supply Challenges

In many regions, especially in developing countries, the unreliable and insufficient electrical power supply remains a significant barrier to ensuring a consistent and safe drinking water supply. Power outages and the lack of electrical infrastructure in remote areas can disrupt water treatment plants and pumping stations, leading to serious public health concerns.

Scope of the Issue

Geographical Barriers: Many developing countries have vast rural areas where the electrical grid is either nonexistent or extremely unreliable. This makes it challenging to operate traditional water supply systems effectively.

Economic Constraints: Developing economies often lack the financial resources to invest in robust electrical infrastructure, making the problem cyclic and hard to resolve.

Operational Interruptions: Power outages can halt water pumping stations and disable water treatment plants, thereby disrupting the supply of clean drinking water. This can lead to waterborne diseases and other public health crises.

Green Element Solar Drink Water Supply Soltuions

Grid Independence: Operate independently of unreliable electrical grids, making the systems ideal for rural and remote areas.

Sustainability: Utilize renewable solar energy, reducing the carbon footprint and aligning with global sustainability goals.

Reliability: Consistent power supply ensures uninterrupted operation of water treatment plants and pumping stations.

Cost-Effectiveness: Low operational costs following the initial investment, offering a financially viable long-term solution.

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