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At Green Element Technology we offer led swimming pool light and led fountain light with customize option. We have flexible solution with R&D capability. We can manufacture according to your OEM requirement, or we can deliver solution in SDK format. We welcome to work with international partner who wish to deliver underwater light solution in their own market and requirement.

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Customzie Your Unique LED Swimming Pool Lights

What we can do for you!

Function design

the light size, power, color, voltage, programmed etc all it is available.

Color Box Customize

We can help the customer to design the color box,manual, flage etc, the documents for the marketing


The shipping tt is available by DHL, FEDEX, TNT, AIR and Sea.


Focus on 14 Years LED Swimming Pool Lights OEM/ODM

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

Peter ZHAO

OVERSEA Sales Manager

Dora LI

Sales Manager

Andy EU

Marketing Manager

Michael LI

Sales Manager

About US

Founded in 2009, Green Element Pool Equipment has swiftly ascended as a luminary in the underwater illumination industry, specializing in state-of-the-art swimming pool and fountain lighting. With a decade of relentless innovation and unwavering dedication to quality, we have illuminated the heart of countless homes, resorts, and public spaces across the globe, transforming ordinary aquatic installations into mesmerizing oases of light.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to revolutionize how water spaces are experienced after dusk. Understanding that the right lighting can elevate the ambiance of any aquatic setting, we embarked on a quest to harness the latest in LED technology and waterproofing advancements. The result has been a product lineup that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of pools and fountains but also prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

At Green Element Pool Equipment, our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of lighting solutions designed to cater to both residential and commercial needs. From sleek, minimalistic designs that seamlessly blend with modern architecture, to vibrant, color-changing lights that can be synchronized to music for dynamic water shows, our products are crafted to inspire and captivate.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our innovative products. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, offering personalized consultations to ensure that every lighting design uniquely complements its environment. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to guiding customers through every step of the process, from design conceptualization to installation and maintenance.

Beyond the brilliance of our products, Green Element Pool Equipment has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Our R&D team tirelessly works to integrate the latest advancements in lighting technology, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards. This dedication to innovation has led to numerous patents and awards, cementing our status as pioneers in the field of aquatic lighting.

Our success is not just measured by our technological achievements but also by our commitment to sustainability. We understand the importance of eco-friendly practices in today’s world and have made significant strides in reducing our environmental footprint. By utilizing energy-efficient LED technology and recyclable materials, we aim to minimize our impact on the planet while providing our customers with products that are both beautiful and responsible.

Green Element Pool Equipment. is also deeply committed to the communities we serve. We believe in giving back and have partnered with various non-profit organizations to promote water conservation and support aquatic life preservation. Our initiatives include educational programs, community clean-up events, and donations to support local and global environmental causes.

As we look to the future, Green Element Pool Equipment. is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We are constantly exploring new technologies, designs, and methodologies to bring our customers the most advanced, efficient, and stunning aquatic lighting solutions. Our vision extends beyond lighting up pools and fountains; we aim to create illuminated experiences that bring joy, beauty, and a sense of wonder to all who encounter them.

In celebrating a decade of innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental stewardship, Green Element Pool Equipment. stands as a beacon of excellence in the aquatic lighting industry. We are grateful to our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and supportive community for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we will continue to light up the world’s water, one project at a time.

Our dedication to innovation and excellence extends into every facet of our operations at Green Element. This includes a rigorous quality control process, where every product undergoes extensive testing to ensure durability, reliability, and safety. Our commitment to providing products of the highest quality has not only earned us the trust of our customers but has also set new benchmarks for the industry.

At Green Element, we understand that the needs of our customers are as diverse as the waterscapes we illuminate. That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable options, from the color spectrum and luminosity to smart connectivity features that allow users to control their aquatic lighting with just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet. This level of personalization ensures that every installation is as unique as the individuals and businesses we serve.

Our global presence has grown significantly over the past decade, with distributors and partners in over 50 countries. This expansive network allows us to deliver our cutting-edge lighting solutions to a global audience, bringing the magic of Green Element lighting to new markets and cultures. Despite this growth, we remain deeply rooted in our founding principles of quality, innovation, and service.

Looking ahead, Green Element. is excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible in aquatic lighting. We are actively exploring new technologies, such as AI-driven lighting systems that can adapt to their environment and create dynamic, interactive experiences. Additionally, we are committed to further reducing our environmental impact by developing even more energy-efficient products and sustainable business practices.

In conclusion, Green Element Pool Equipment. is not just a company; we are a team of visionaries, innovators, and environmental stewards dedicated to transforming the way the world sees water at night. As we move forward, we remain committed to our mission of creating breathtaking illuminated experiences that inspire, delight, and endure. Here’s to the next decade of innovation, growth, and beautiful light.

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