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Green Element as a professional manufacturer of flexible lighting products has insisted on being customer-oriented, continuously developing and producing cutting-edge products, and providing customers with integrated lighting solutions ranging from facades, yachts, Handrail, Stairs and swimming pools to driveways. In order to meet the needs of customers in different industries, we provide highly customized services, including size, power, color, etc., to meet the unique needs of different projects.

Customized LED Linear Flex Lighting For Swimming Pool

We provide you with flexible LED Pool lighting solutions with extremely stable performance
IP68 LED Neon Light
Waterproof IP68

This stainless steel waterproof device is a very important waterproof accessory for outdoor bare wire products. The theory is by breaking the copper wire, re-welding with interrupter, then sealing the welding joint by mold-injecting high density & high viscosity material, so that LED linear flex is completely isolated from the external wiring, realizing that the wiring can not be penetrated with any air or moisture, in spite of the pressure and temperature aroused from LED linear flex.

  • A reliable product is made of superior material. We adopt first-class imported calendering copper for FPC, the thickness of copper reached to 4OZ, which is featured by its good conductivity and folding resistance. LED for standard orders are used from China top package manufacturers, which adopt Epistar chip for all white colors. The package and glue are cater-designed for outdoor products.

    The materials of housing and body for LED linear flex are made by modified PVC or Silicone material, which is specially designed for using outdoor, even harsh environment. The material adopted is resistant to UV, yellowish, solvents, saltwater, and dirt. The silicone material used is gas phase silicone which has much better performance of tensile strength and anti-aging than common silicone.
  • Chips for standard products is Epistar and packaged by ShenZhen top manufacturer. CREE, Lumileds are optional for Mono series. We keep one bin only by requesting LED supplier and using Kingdee ERP system for management. Furthermore, CRI95, R9, 3 Step MacAdam LED are optional.
Housing Material

PVC or Silicone housing is optional. The quality of materials are quite different in the market. Based on our patented process technology we seal our products in a continuous cover of high quality material, which is resistant against UV, corrosion, solvents and saltwater.


Optimized heat transfer to housing to ensure lifespan and color consistency. Minimize the voltage drop to ensure same brightness from 0.1m to 20 meters. It’s reliable for bending in performance.

Cable with female & male connector

The male & female waterproof connector is made by two layers of injection molding with high viscosity TPU and high density nylon material inside. The quality control is conducted by blow test with air in water and the result should be without any bubbles. After locked by the stainless steel locking ring, it has outstanding reliability and waterproof performance with IP68 rating.

The Advantages we Provide for you

Advantages of our lamps to other suppliers’. 1. Our multicolor lamp has memory and switch off/on functions. Memory means it can remenber its last color and start from the same when it is on next time. Switch off/on means customers can change lamp’s color and mode by switching power off and on instead of remote. 2. 2 Years warranty and better waterproof grade. 3. Much more bright in the same watt. 4. The remote for multicolor lamp is RF version instead of IR, which can control much more far, and easier to operate.

100% Genuine

Green Element has a strong Research &Development and technical service team which focus on innovation and make us be the leader of lastest technology.

Best Quality

Green Element is a professional manufacture of led pool lights/controllers and certified to the ISO9001 quality management system.


Green Element customize every clients’ system as their request, and our clients’ sysytem will be assembled by agents.


Our support include : Local training; Local technical Supporting for Installation & after sale service and Maximum 2 years warranty.

Project Case

Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck

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