Surface Mounted LED Pool Light 25W

1) Install easily ONLY with 2 screws

2)  Ultra-flat only 8mm slim.

3) Replacing and install by 3 minute(much down the maintain cost)

4) Never don’t worry water leaking

5) High brightness LED

6) Available DMX signal

Additional information



Input Voltage







single color, RGB and RGBW

Surface Mounted LED Pool Light 25W

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Dimension: D220mm*H35mm

Green Element LED lighting will transform your outdoor environments. They have approved by CE,ROSH, IP68 UL-Listed ETC,lights to retrofit virtually any existing pool and spa with vibrant color – even those with just one light.

100% brighter than any on the market, these energy-efficient, lights deliver spectacular color to pools with a single incandescent light or pools with colored finishes, and breakthrough cost savings and installation versatility for new pools, spas and fountains. All-plastic, low-voltage design, combined with all-plastic thin SS Niche eliminates the need for bonding, grounding. The thin SS Niche also reduces cost for dig, steel and gunite because it is only 8MM slim  front-to-back and mounts to the face of the rebar grid. Pool and spa lights are for wall or floor installs without a rock guard and can be positioned just 4 inches from lens to water level – perfect for steps, beach entries and fountains.

  • CE,ROSH,IP68-Listed for installation in virtually any pool or spa niche
  • 100% brighter* than any color LED light on the market
  • Use up to 86% less energy than incandescent lights and last 10x longer
  • 10 fixed colors and seven color-changing shows
  • Can be installed in a little as 10M below the waterline, and on the wall or the floor without a rock guard
  • 12V, 2-wire, all plastic design with no exposed metal and an unbreakable lens requires no bond, no ground for safe installation
  • Programmable to match DMX512 or Dali signal.
  • Available in 30, 50, 100 and 150-foot cord lengths
  • Available in Stand-Alone or Network
  • Low-profile ss Niche provides incredible installation savings for new construction
  • Retrofit transformer kits available for easy high-to-low-voltage J-Box conversion
  • AC12V transformer available for multi-light installations
  • 17 color-changing shows available

Additional features

  • Instant navigation to desired color or light show without cycling through sequence
  • Dimming capabilities in increments of 20%
  • Speed adjustment for light shows
  • Access to 10 additional color options; expand customization options for special occasions, like school colors, sports, or the holidays

Notes need to be careful.

1. Do not connect AC110V, AC230V, or any voltage more than 12V to our lamp.

2. Do not let the lamp CONTINUOUSLY on more than 30 minutes when it is OUT OF WATER, if not, it will be easier hot and get burned.


Input Voltage: 12V AC/DC

Light Source: SMD 2835 LED

Watt: 10W/20W/25W/35W

Lumen: 10W=800lm, 25W=2328lm, 20W=1910lm, 35W=3395lm

Lamp body material: Plastic and resin

Dimension: D176xH30mm

Frequency of remote: 433Hz

Battery for remote: 12V, 23A/27A

Waterproof Grade: IP68(Can be put into water directly).

Power cable: with 1.5 meter

Life span: 50000 hours

Warranty: 2 Years

LED Color versions: Warm white(2700-3500K), Pure white(5500-6300K), RGB, RGBW, RGB/RGBW no remote(controlled by external controller)


1. The Resin Filled Pool Lamp is designed to replace halogen PAR56 Bulb or LED PAR56 Bulb, so it fits the old niche, customer doesn’t need to change old niche, power cable, and transformer.

And It can be wall mounted installation if you buy suitable accessories, so it will become flat lamp.

2. It is using resin filled technology, which is much better than LED PAR56 Pool Lamp in waterproof grade, and it is plastic material body, won’t be broken.

3. The lamp is using LED as light source, can help you save electricity bill.

4. Our Lamp can work with AC12V and DC12V at the same time.

5. RGB color is multicolor, including red, green, blue, cyan, purple, yellow, white, and some dynamic modes.

6. One remote can control 2 pieces or more quantity lamps, but better for you to connect AC12V transformer if you want them synchronous(showing the same color).

Advantages of our lamps to other suppliers’.

1. Our multicolor lamp has memory and switch off/on functions.

Memory means it can remenber its last color and start from the same when it is on next time.

Switch off/on means customers can change lamp’s color and mode by switching power off and on instead of remote.

2. 2 Years warranty and better waterproof grade.

3. Much more bright in the same watt.

4. The remote for multicolor lamp is RF version instead of IR, which can control much more far, and easier to operate.


1. If you choose the lamp in single color(red/green/blue/pure white/warm white).

*1 piece x LED Pool Lamp

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